my heart...

my heart feels like it's breaking,

shaking bits apart

my heart shatters like a glass

punctured by a dart

my heart blows kisses westward,

fifty states your way

my heart holds memories of your touch,

that refuse to fade away

my heart pumps slowly since you've gone,

so much softer too,

my heart fears it will not find

another one like you

my heart's hungrier than ever,

no one there to feed it love

my heart prays in the pews,

seeks the Good Lord up above

my heart's a ship that's lost at sea,

no compass leads the way,

my heart's sick from stormy weather,

from all these shades of grey

my heart wants what it wants,

even if it's wrong,

my hearts sings like a hummingbird,

craving its old song

my heart wonders if it's love,

this swirling feeling in my chest,

my heart aches for us to work it out,

if we could just...forget the rest.

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