We Promised

we promised each other, we would always remember, we swore we would never forget. but that was before, back when we were together, we hadn't departed just yet. now, fifty states, and a thousand mistakes, lie between the crux of our brains. and all that I dream is to reach for the phone and pretend that you're calling my name. you'll tell me that you miss me, then I'll shout "I feel the same", you'll whisper "I'll be back"

you're still my secret cure of pain.

but instead, I cry a river and now await the sun for I don't have the means to build a bridge nor the energy to run across, to the land of forget across, to the land of forgive.

we never planned our death,

we were too hopeful that we'd live.

but we are not immortal, and all good things must end, nothing lasts forever, I just wish that we'd stay friends. because... we promised. we promised. we promised.

instead of suffering in silence instead of suffering alone that would really be the test to prove that you're full grown.

but I can't have what don't exist, and I won't wait around to try but when I was falling for you fast, it almost felt like I could fly so promises are broken

and really everything must die,

you weren't my first just the first that I chose:

I won't forget the reason why.

so now my heart is pierced with broken shards of glass

I was a fool to think you'd catch me, I was a fool to think we'd last.

with a thousand hellos and no proper goodbye,

your memory forever remains, I've been trying to forget you, but you're cemented in my brain.

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