Reasons (Why Listening To (the one who got away)'s Reverbnation is Not a Good Idea)

his lyrics will deceive you he will be standing there, singing of first kisses and a golden charm from a lover that he hasn't spoken to in years and for a second you will believe that he may be capable of love. when his page finally loads pictures of his younger days will flood the screen visions of an innocence intangible, a purity so sweet that for a moment you will believe that he may be devoid of all sin. you will scroll into a sea of melodies that darken your heart that sing sadly as you hum them in your sleep [obsessively] your own personal lullaby weaving delight into his web of lies. his face will flash over and over a middle eastern man ripe with mystery will stare you in the eyes and blame you [again... yet again] for the demise of your romance. you will curse him for consuming your every thought for taking you prisoner for binding you in chains and burying the key. the tears will stream so violently [this is no spring shower] but a heavy hurricane that will leave bruises beneath your brown eyes. and for the first time you will feel your heart beat ten times too fast and ten times too slow and know that you too, are capable of love.

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